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The Idea

For years, the way people interact with their earbuds has been the same. The SenCbuds radically changes this interaction pattern by integrating a sensor that senses when you plug in your earbuds.

SenCbuds, the earbuds that automatically play or pause music when put into or taken out of the ear.

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The Design

In close cooperation with a manufacture partner,
the design of the earbuds was optimized for
user experience, durability, aesthetics and massproduction.
The main element of the earbuds is the
integrated Smart Sense Technology (SST) that
enables the system to notice when the earbuds
is placed close to the users’ ear.

A smooth and dynamic look and feel that has been
optimized for user experience wherein form follows

Information SenCbuds 22-10 LQ

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The Functions

A headset has never been so easy to use, just
plug it into your ear and the music will start, plug
it out and it will stop again.
The headset automatically powers on once you
plug it into a device. The iOS / Android switch on
the control unit makes the system compatible
with both mobile operating systems as well as
with tablets and laptops.

A headset that is compatible for both iOS and Android
mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

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The Functions

The control unit, to change the volume and to
pick up a call, has a gutter around the cylindrical
shape that creates space to roll up the cable cord
to organise the product easily. The clip on top of
the unit locks the rolled up cable and enables it
to clip to the users’ clothes.

The control unit allows users to pick up a call
and change volume when needed.

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The Engineering

The Earbuds have been carefully designed in
one frame with all the technology inside that can
easily be assembled by clicking this part into the
earbuds outer shell.
Both the earbuds and the control unit are
self-supporting constructions won’t need any
glue to fix the parts together.

Self-supporting constructions that can easily
be assembled by clicking the parts together

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The Usability

Running in the park, sitting in the train, working
on a computer, watching a movie, listening to an
audio book or just a casual walk. All perfect scenarios
to use the SenCbuds

Designed for many different scenarios of use;
sports, leisure and business.

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The Usability

Press a button on the control unit and the ‘do not disturb’ light will show everyone around you that you are fully concentrated and dont want to be disturbed

LED indicates that the user does not want to
be disturbed.

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